Our Resolve To Make a Change is Even Stronger

DiAndre at the GBHII “BeMore” Teen Summit May 25

It is with a heavy heart that we deliver the unfortunate news of the death of a 13 year-old student from Booker T. Washington Middle School, our Partner School for the 2015-2016 school year. DiAndre Barnes was shot and killed less than a half-mile from the school on Saturday June 11 2016. All too often we hear news such as this and respond in whichever way we have become accustomed to. We at GBHII, along with many others in this city have decided that it is simply not enough to hang our heads in sadness and disbelief.

If you may recall, we held our first teen summit May 25, 2015 to address this very circumstance, the rise of violence in the summer months impacting youth in Baltimore City. This type of thing happens much to often, especially to the most vunerable of those in our city, the children. This further highlights the need for sustained engagement and support for members of our communities.

Last Saturday, June 18, GBHII held our annual strategic retreat. During this time, we mapped out our programs for the upcoming year, and more specifically, discussed a response to this particular act of violence. In the coming weeks and months we will be developing and rolling out a new mentorship program centered around families of school aged .

We ask that you keep the Barnes family family and the Booker T Washington Middle School community in your thoughts and prayers

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